Monday, 15 March 2010

The Age of Heroes

Norman's Dark Avengers & Reign has fallen! Cap is back! Thor is on Earth! Iron Man
has come to his senses! The dark storm has finally cleared, the sun shines upon the
Marvel universe as the golden age of heroes has brings new hope to characters both
large & small.

The AGE OF HEROES Anthology will begin this May & will be packing some serious
punches, writers such as Kurt Busiek, Rick Remender, Paul Cornell, & Dan Slott will
be teaming up with some of Marvel's "hand-magic" row of artists like Marko Djurdjevic,
Chris Samnee & Leonard Kirk.

PLUS! The web-head & that Canadian claw popper team up!
As they say, opposites attract, but how true will that be for this unlikely duo?
Stay tune as these 2 punks travel to the edge of the Marvel universe sniffing
out for trouble & maybe save a maiden or 2 along the way? Join these crazy
kids to find out who is the biggest baddest bad ass pulling their strings.