Monday, 15 March 2010

Kamen Rider Soda Series

Final Kamen Attack Form Rider! Soda Can! After the awakening of the Ultraman cans,
the riders has decided to make a "kick" into the market with their very own soda cans.
This may very be the 1st of many series to come, so dont "climax" yet fan-boys, for
their journey to becoming the Ultimate-Form has just began!

How "I" freaking wish that these could make it to the shores of Malaysia...

quote of the day!
We just want to share a natural human emotion.
-Kristine- P.S I Love Your (1981)


Tekkaus said...

War....I want these soda cans too. :p

"I" the writer said...

Hell Yeah! "I" want these stuff too dude!