Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Human Torch is the New Captain America!?

Its damn true, true believers! Chris Evans for the Fantastic 4 has switch sides
& has entered the Super Human program thus! Transforming him into Marvel's
American icon "Captain America!"

Nah! "I" am just pullin' a fast 1 on ya peeps. Sources from THR has been offered
the role
of Cap in the Captain America. For 1, Marvel hasn't confirm this
This offer could mean that he has to do a Trilogy of Captain America movies, Avengers
& a couple of cameos.

This could mean that, "they" the Marvel peeps will hit the re-format button on the
Fantastic 4 movies (Hell Yeah!)

This guy does not seem as that American Icon type, can he really pull it of as
the leader of
the Avengers? Can he really bear the weight of the "Shield"?