Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My PS3 gaming Experience

BioShock, the game that de-virgin'naised me as my 1st ever PS3 game & it was 1 of
the best FPS there ever was. The game was dark, good dialog & included some creepy
little girls! Action was straight forward with awesome ectoplasms! The only time
you needed to hide or "play safe" was when Big Daddy appeared aka Mr. Bubbles.

Cheating or hiding, was the best was to go! Thus! Saving a little sister, or you
could just "finish" her off. Being the "soft'ie" that "I" am, "I" saved them all, giving
me a Happy ending. Cant wait to get me hands on BioShock 2, well when the price
is right of course.

My 2nd game, Devil May Cry 4! A game which "I" haven't played in 3 "freakin'" years!
The last "I" touch this game was in my old X-company, KLP. Then they freaking when
down the shi+ hole! DAMN! But! "I" found it quiet affordable on the WWW, RM80.
What the heck! "I" will this time finish what "I" started.

Action is as straight forward as an erect d!ck! When you see a goon, you run
& slash it till its wiped out of existence! Combos play the main role & get the SS
rank will satisfy you better then seein' a Lamborghini pass you by. Even though
Dante's weapon as uber cool but Nero's combos are ultra excellent!

Now! A game "I" have been waiting to play ever since it was announced! Metal
Gear Solid 4. "I" played almost all the games in the Metal Gear series, not including
that "dumb" card version. Card doesn't control Snake! Snake controls the whole
deck of cards!

The sad part is, after playing all those action game, MGS4 is a little slow to me.
Stealth is the main player & "I" am no good at it, for now! Kept getting spotted,
even got killed a few times! DAMMIT! What a "let-down" to myself. But! This is
only the beginning, hope that "I" will get better! Wish me luck peeps!

PLUS! Yoko, S.t.a.r.S MTV
Lovely Yoko giving a little glimpse if she was a pop star with cosplay!

How "I" wish you were a "live action" woman....

- coming to a store near you!

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wow large collection!!!!!

nanged u. Have u tried mouse noodles? haven't? nang & try it now!

"I" the writer said...

These are figures to hit the shelf's soon bub'

Nang ya back