Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sakae Sushi kids day!

Yeah, yeah, "I" know, "I" the writer has been neglecting me WWW. Why? "You" the reader
may think? Well its cause my new job at Sakae Sushi has begged to kinda suck my "timeline"
out of me. They haven't been with a designer for quiet some time & guess who is here to pick
up the slack? ME!

But guess what!? "I" kinda enjoy it, its not as tiring as workin' in a agency & "I" get to work
5 freaking minutes from me crib! Its like heaven! Plus! "I" can visit the cinema to get good
seats. So its worth it!

On my 3rd day on the job, on a Sunday! "I" was asked to job an event which "I" had to
coordinate with me marketing pals, a children's day event. Most of the time "I" was just
giving out balloons (secret identity reviled!) "I" personally love kids & the smile they made
when "I" handed them that big green floating thing was priceless! & most of them said
thank you. AH! The joy of cute kids sayin' that just made me day!

Overall, "I" learned quiet a lot from this event & the next 1 is next month! So, my
that "I" have to strictly complete is not to be so shy! Hand out flyers, explain
about the
promotion & get customers to dine in Sakae Sushi.

PLUS! Iron Man 2 Trailer 2
Iron Suitcase! Silver Centurion! DAMN! Common Summer!

BONUS! The Original Dark Knight Returns!
After some time of absence, good ol' Brucy is making a come back. He's carving his
name across the centuries as a mark of his return. Bruce will have to battle through
time, fighting as a pirate, a private eye, & who's knows what! Check out these covers
by Andy Kubert.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


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"I" the writer said...

Thanks bub' ;)