Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Cherating Holiday

My 3rd time to this beach infested town. Cherating has been a getaway for my
friend & his "future" wife since she was in university. A place where the nearest
KFC is at least 20km away & our only enjoyment is drinkin' while gambling & soaking
ourselves in clear blue waters like hippos. Our place of sustenance was mostly in a
Chinese restaurant, prices were low & tourist as friendly as your friend.

Before Cherating
, we made a lil' pit-stop at Raub, a small town with small shops &
a place where everybody is like family. 1 of its inhabitants, a friend of mine. A wooden
cool shop-house shack didn't stop us from making our party presence
known. Everyone
laughed till the break of dawn & snapped photos like it was
it was their last day on Earth.

4.30pm, leaving Rauh, we were suppose to check in the Hotel at 2pm. The "fun" made us
loose track of time. Gotta get there fast, who better that bein' fast then me. Snoring away
in dreamland, my friends didn't want to see their life flash before them with me behind the
wheel. My music kept me company all the way through.

Cherating! Finally! The hotel was found & the room was lovely & celebrated with my friend's
opening ceremony, a dip in the pool. The 4 of them changed as fast as they could jump in
just to get wet. Me? "I" went lookin' for pictures to take. Snapping endlessly, finding for
that "award winning" shot.

What this "you" the reader ask? Its 1 of my friends. How many faces do you see?

Not a "National Geography" close-up but it passes off as pretty good shot to me.

Letting "the photography god" posses me didn't go well with me mates. They pleaded
with me to join them in the pool. Seeing those puppy like eyes as they begged me, "I"
too jumped into a pool of water called Swimming Pool.

We all know, after a good swim, the belly drum starts to pound you for some food.
Ate like a pig & it was all just for very, very cheap price. The
restaurant must be
having a "Mega Sale", huh?

Night was young & we were wide awake as a bat. Playing cards was next on the
agenda. "I" was taught various types of games, 1 of them bein' "tipu-tipu" aka
"the lying" game. Putting on a poker face & l
ying was the main key, as you try
to finish off your cards. This game was our chosen favorite.

8.30am, "I" & my friend went off for breakfast, as the others was in bed, under
the sheets. Being "puasa" month, "I" was always given the "look of death". Why?
Cause "I" look like a Malay. As we walked into the breakfast hall, the "stare"
was upon me, not by 2 or 3 but by the whole 10 or so people! DAMN! Taking
food was even a "weight lift". People there must be thinking, "its fasting month
& you "freaking" dare to take food! Having an Indian girl! & worst of all staying
in the same room with her!". My friend tried to cover up by saying "He's not Malay"
The agony! Next time "I" am gonna put on a name tag or make a T-Shirt that
says "I'm a Christian" or my name.

The day went on, we continued our game of cards & drinkin'. The beach was our
main course of the day. The water was not like Port Dickson, clean & the sand was
like damn fine!

On this Merdeka eve, we decided to head off to Kuantan. 30mins away from our hotel.
Our course of food was lighted up with a series of blazing fireworks. As ironic as it sounds,
our "table-topic" was the world ending.

Planned to wake up early to take morning shots, "I" still have not found a shot that
satisfied my heart. Dragged my pals to the beach at 7am, check!

This was my mate's favorite picture. To me it still didn't have that "kick"
Disappointed with my "amateur'ness", "I" walked back, but before that,
we had 2 new "mutt" pals playing along the way.

Bein' a dog lover, my friend even wanted a cover shot with "baby". His girlfriend
"Oh! You can call the dog baby, but not me", Girls! Cant live wihout em', right?

The girls were scared as if rats were running along side em'. The mutts played
as if we were not there. To my surprise, a small cute mutt has the bravery to
scare off a dog, a "big" dog, DAMMN!

On the low-down, even this beautiful beach was harmed by human irresponsibility.

Humans would only learn to truly love nature when its lost forever.

Bein' this is our last day, our hearts burden as we left the room. As they say,
flies when your having fun right?

PLUS! BatMen
With the original Batman
coming back this November, where does this leave the
current Batman, Dick Greyson? Just like the gun-gunslinger, Captain America,
Dick has been doin' a bang-up job as Gotham's protector.

So, to put a smile of all ye' bat-geeks,
NY Post has confirmed that there will be
Batman! Or should "I" say Batmen? In November, DC's Detective Comics will feature
Batman, Dick Grayson as Batman (with the black Bat-symbol on his chest) & Batman,
Bruce Wayne (with the yellow chest symbol) & Robin, Damian Wayne as Robin.

A beautiful beginning for the Batman Inc arc.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


Kelvin said...

Omg, the 1st pic is scary, i only saw one distorted face.

"I" the writer said...

The power of tech is amazing huh :)