Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Office Gossip

On a normal day, in a normal lookin’ office, a random conversation took place
between colleagues:

Girl A: Hey! Who do you think has the lease work & is most “free” in the office?
New Girl B: Hmm… I think its Jeremy, he just surfs the net.
Girl A: Yah hor, he does nothing & I think design is pretty easy right? Just colors
& drawings,
anyone can do that, right?
New Girl B: That’s why! So now we know who is the most “free” in the office now.
Newer girl C: …….

A brand new day, during lunch hour, newer girl C released the news to me, Jeremy.
Why did she unveil this info to me? Newer girl C, is in my department & we were sharing
the “nonsense” of office rumors. “I” the “most free guy” writer was shocked! “I” didn’t
who in the blue hell was New Girl B & only said “Hi” once or twice to Girl A, thus
they think they know
what “I” freaking do during my work hours. Yup! It’s true “I” surf the
net all the time, why?
Isn’t a designer suppose to get inspired & resources before starting
a project? Research also plays vital
role to the whole design process, right? Next step,
compiling the information & start on me project, whether
it maybe for a green tea label or
a children’s day flyer.

So, in freaking conclusion, my surfing the world wide “freaking” web is actually a study
on other competitors,
compression between designs & implementing, distorting a certain
idea into my “color” artwork.

In this office, “I” am a quiet person, “I” come at 9am, do my job & in certain cases,
stay back late for “urgent”
designs. “I” do not step on anyone’s foot, “I” mingle with
a few homosepians, say hi or smile at them
when they cross my path & have done
small “design” favors for all departments regardless if its out of my job scope.

Am “I” pissed? Hell yeah! But on the bright side, “I” think, awwwwwwwww they do
"care" & think about that lil’ half Portuguese
, half Indian guy in the office, thats so
"freaking" sweet :)

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Kelvin said...

Its their nature lol.

"I" the writer said...

Ya...guess they have boring lives :)