Friday, 17 September 2010

Top 10 Mysteries of Man to Females

Its another survey from the Japanese, the females try hard to solve the male mystery.
It seems that the battle of sexes wont be solved in this millenium or the next!

The ranking:
1. He was desperate to date you, but once you started dating he no longer cares.
2. He thinks he’s really doing well if his girlfriend can cook a stew [there appear to be
some substantial differences in opinion between the sexes as to how easy it is to
prepare Japanese cuisine based on stewing, or "nimono"].

3. He thinks it’s all over once you get married.
4. Even though he has a girlfriend he still goes on group dates for fun.
5. Whenever he’s with his friends he starts talking tough.
6. He thinks he can see his girlfriend any time he likes so she becomes a low priority.
7. He tries to impress with his manliness by eating large helpings and hot dishes.
8. He says he doesn’t see the point in marrying so he won’t marry.
9. He won’t ask people about things he doesn’t know as he doesn’t want to be indebted
to them.
10. He ignores his girlfriend and talks solely about himself.

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