Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sakae Sushi kids day!

Yet another Sakae Children's day, but this Children's day was different from the last.
"I" did not have to stay for the whole day! Rejoice! My shift was only from 5-7 but bein'
such a kind soul, "I" helped out till 8. Maybe it was the joy & laughter of the children
simply made my day, seeing the laughter & smiles of their face was so "heart melting".
I0I outlet even went an extra mile into decoration, an arch of balloons.

Inside, Sakae's signature greenish balloons filled the restaurant with a heartwarming
sense of bein' back in kindergarten. Cheers & laughter were heard when kids got a peek
at Sakae's very own mascot.

The young & old were more then happy to take endless "camwhore" picture with
this green frog.

Hugs & even kisses were showered by some cute lil' boys & gals.

What!? You see a familiar face? Yup! You guessed right, its Ms.Caroline from
our blog'verse. Even on a 1 week study break, this hardworkin' girl was driven
to get out there & earn some cash.

Caroline & her friend was complimented as the cutest duo & the duo did
a splendid job & wasn't shy to approach potential customers into dining
at Sakae Sushi.

Caroline! Click on the picture below, its large size!

Caro was always beside our mascot, she was his bodyguard. Keeping froggie
safe from naughty lil kids.

My shift was way over, time for me to lead the mascot in, say my good-byes,
& drive back home to my sweet soft bed.

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