Saturday, 28 August 2010

Woman killed by onanistic excess

"I" don't know if "I" should laugh or feel pity for her? But this is 1 of those strange
stories from the WWW. This is how the police described the scene, when they broke
into the house:.

"After they broke in they realized Miss Paginton was dead. She had a
computer on her lap and when they moved it and lifted the duvet, they
found she was naked from the waist down and there was a vibrator in
the bed.

The laptop was still displaying pornographic material."
The coroner’s verdict dryly notes that she is thought to have died of heart problems
related to her onanistic antics:

"I am satisfied [she] died of a natural disease process – sudden cardiac arrhythmia.
It is not always possible to determine an exact cause of death but it is likely that her
activity before death contributed towards it."
So, let this be a lesson to all ye masterbate'rs out there, too much "pleasuring" yourself
can kill!...

or always get a "helping" hand when pleasuring yourself :)

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Kelvin said...

She must have died a happy women.