Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Anime is not for kids

Malaysia’s next censor target, Yes! Its freaking true, this ain’t no hoax. Our lovely
county of “24 hours food stalls” is planning a massive attack to BAN! PERMENTLY
CENSOR! Anime. This was shocking news @

Not that shocking, but 'I" just waited patiently, on when the government will target
Anime as their next BAN TARGET.

Why? Cause, Anime is labeled “unsafe” & will corrupt the minds of the fragile lil’ minds
of young Malaysians, so says the Film Censorship Board chairman Datuk Mohd Hussain
Shafie. He continues to say that he “thought that Japanese anime was another type
of children’s cartoon, & some of the anime features scantily-clad women or scenes
which are not good for children”.

So in my humble & personal opinion, the Censorship Board will most likely put 18PL on
all anime! Yes! Even including Digimon, cause their heroin wears a tight shirt & shows
her belly-button. “I” do agree that some anime are not entirely for kids, but dude! You
wanna censor an episode if necessary? “I” suggest that you take effort in scanning
through the whole series & if you wish to BAN the freaking show, by all means go ahead.
It’s like Card Captor Sakura all over again, our beloved Censorship Board hoped episodes!
That was freaking annoying, thus! “I” stopped watching the series & any sort of anime
aired on T”freaking”V.

All due respect to the Censorship Board, but you can’t stop Anime, it’s a culture that is
growing at the speed of light! While U.S toons are solely aimed for cute lil’ pre-schooled
kids, Anime concentrates on more adult elements for a much more “mature” crowd. This
gives the mature ones a chance to sit back & enjoy the “fantasy” side of life, instead of
all those Drama shows ~cough Ugly Betty cough~ or the Bold & the Beautiful.

So, Censorship Board, please consider the Anime that you are about to air. Don’t blindly
let down the “kids” by removing the series, episode taht they got glued too, so says
the writer.

PLUS! Iron Man
A 2nd teaser for MadHouse's man in iron. This anime will air in the US October 1
on Animax.

BONUS! Nintendo Characters Elvolve!

- coming to a store near you!

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