Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sakae's D.I.Y!

Being slowly drawn to the power of "Marketing", "I" was asked to attend my 1st
ever Do It Yourself sushi making workshop. Yesterday! Kids filled Sakae's outlet
like a kindergarten! All the "small farts" were hyped to learn how to make sushi,
teachers too had smiles as they had that "I want to learn too" look on their anxious

10am, Sakae's senior chef started with a warm "fun" welcoming speech & started
off with the 1st inventory, Sushi soccer ball.

Boys being lil' boys, made a lil' mess of stuff & the poor staff had to go from 1 table
to another just to "pump-up" their flatten balls. It was kinda fun to watch the tricks
& treats these fellows used to get people to help them out. It was like watching a
show, LIVE!

As for the girls, they fooled around too, but when the "sleeping panda" sushi was
announced. It seems like everyone was using their "full focus" to get this done.

Off all the kids, this girl caught my eye, she was like "freaking cute!" Always had
a serious look in her eye, even though her teacher was helping her do most of the stuff.

As "I" went around taking pictures, most of them were camera shy, until "I" said,
"give a pose". Some said in Chinese, "look, his back again taking our picture", &
would shy away, But! "I" was always taking your picture from a far! Booyaa!

Next sushi, Racer! It seemed hard to me but the kids manage to pull it off with
only a flat tire.

After their lunch, a special guest appearance was made by the mascot. This section
was the funniest of em' all. "I" was shocked to see that all this "young'lings" having
hand-phones & cameras with them. They were "flashing" away like there was no
tomorrow! DAMMN!

1 cocky kid asked me, "who is in that suit?", "I" said, its a real frog! He said,
"no need to lie to me, I know there is someone inside, I am not a kid anymore".
"I" thought, judging from the height, you are a kid! Kids these are not as naive
as "I" thought they were huh.

"I" continued to shoot the moments of chaos, these 4 girls asked me, can you shoot
us? Hell Yeah! Where's the gun? They laughed, "no la, with your camera". Of course,
after the shot, they came & looked at the picture & 1 of them said, "how come so ugly?",
said "What's ugly? My camera or your face?" She pointed at her face! HAHAHAHA!
"I" laughed out loud! If you didn't know, "I" just love to bully kids, its "freaking" fun!
Non the less, they were cute.

Can you see green? Cause its a balloon massacre! It was like "Girls gone Wild".
These kids were on ecstasy when balloons were passed to them.

Even Sakae's mascot smile was torn off!

In the end it was tons of fun & laughter, it made me feel like being a kid once more.
Too bad, this work-shop ended early. "I" would have a world of fun if they stayed till
the sun don't shine.

PLUS! Final Fantasy Versus 13
The game-play finally exposed! Lookin' good!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

"Aww, if Ultraman Ace has a cape, I wanna cape too" moans Belial.


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