Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Broga Advanture

2 days not like any other, 2 days where “I” have to endure the pain of not having
tech by my side. 2 days of extensive body-work-out without the pleasure of meat.
2 days of pure “sweating” fun!

An outing to Broga Hill, me & a couple of me church goin’ buds was about to walk up
this hill of 1.5km. The 1st day was all about checkin’ in, getting used to the Broke-Back
emptiness of our surroundings. Like a “flash-back”, the outdoor activities were all from
me childhood years. Riding the bicycle was like running before “I” could walk, & shooting
hoops was all misses with 2 scores.

The other humans filled their faces with laughter as they ran for the ball & tried to
tag their rivals. With a camera in me hand, unique photos was in my mind.

Our personal instructors were freaking awesome! Every minute was even better then the
last. As we got to know them better, they were more like clowns with a sense of humour!
1st activity, leap of faith. A test of courage & bravery. Climb to the tree’s top, & jump!
Sounds simple?
Not so bub, not all had the courage to leap, 2 chickened out!

The funniest part, bein’ pulled down in XL-speed! “I” don’t know about the chicks but,
for the guys, it was crotch aching!

The next fun activity, flying fox. Everybody joined in, except me. Why? Cause was to lazy
to climb back up, nuff said!

Kayaking was a water sport that “I” enjoyed pushing people in the water. Our group was
the only “wet” group among the rest. See the wet’ness!

The sun ain’t shining no more, stomachs are drumming. Our dinner was a grill full of meat-
macho’ness! A time of BBQ’ing & singing & a table filled with photo-whores!

Our night was young indeed, camp fire songs & songs about boys was the main anthem
of the night. 11pm, forced ourselves to get under the blanked for the hill awaits us the
next day.

Broga Hill, 7am, after the rain cleared, our journey began.

As you can see, the photo-whore-spirit was still among us. Even after a 45 minuet
tiring walk, the camera was still flashing & posses of all sorts were being shot.

As you can see, our group of jolly humans were with a colourful bunch.

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