Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Robotic Fossils

Artist Throwing Chicken bring to us a new look at what our robotic future might look like.
He researched & sculpted these artifacts based on our future's past.

"Over the past several months I have been gathering reference photography,
gathering animal bones, doing sketches, talking with geologists and fossil experts,
working with fellow artists, building the bucks, making the molds and pulling the casts.

This series offers a little look at what we might be digging up millions of years
from now, and it just might be the remains of technology that has yet to be created."


Vicky 刘宁 said...

I love the last sketch!1 :D I will very appreciated if he sketch my bone too X)

Kelvin said...

Imagine ppl from million years later digging out condoms?

"I" the writer said...

Vicky:. Vic, this aint no sketch but a model he hand made :) Yeah it would be cool if he made your bones :)

Kel:. Hmmm...Maybe...2012 is coming so what the heck, right?