Thursday, 5 August 2010

Movies of the Future!

Yeah! "I" know what you must be thinking, but "I" the writer is workin' at 1 of
Sakae's outlet & to the looks of it, "I" will be here till the sun don't shine! With
that said, my Last Air Bender outing is cancel! DAMMN!

From this year's Comic-Con, the "freaking" introduction of the full "freaking"
Avengers cast! DAMMN! Common 1012! Don't you dare scare me with your
mambo-jumbo end of the world crap! "I" wanna see the Avengers on the silver
screen, Nuff Said!

New faces join the team, introducing Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
& Mark Ruffalo as the new Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

Here's their teaser.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
A sneak 12 minute peak at DC's new animated movie, coming to Blu-ray & DVD
this September 28. Guess who's the voice of Super Girl?

Yep! Its non other then Terminator Girl, Summer Glau.

Hmmm...Summer Glau...

Transformers 3
A new Autobot was spotted in Chicago & its a fire truck. Could this mean that
Inferno has join the ride?

Sucker Punch
The Director behind 300 & Watchmen, brings you chicks that can kick you butt
& still look awesome! Not "coming" soon but in March 25, 2011, so hold it!

DragonBall 2 : Reborn

Yup folks, the legend is reborn'ed. This is the title for Gokou's next big screen
adventure & as the teaser image "teases" us, its Vejita! No has been revealed
on storyline but
imdb reports, this movie will be out in '11. Still in its development
stage, rumors has it that the writer-director of the 1st film will no longer work with
the second film (do "I" hear cheering or is that moaning cries?)


Kelvin said...

They are trying to destroy dragonball again~

"I" the writer said...

Yup, hope this time they get it right though...