Saturday, 14 August 2010

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans ReAnimated

Never saw this Dragon Ball movie before? Way back in the year of 1993, Toei
Animation launched a 2 part OVA based on a game entitled
Dragon Ball Z Side
Story: The Plot to Destroy the Saiyans.

"I" the writer was fortunate enough to play this "classic" game on my micro genius.
A game covered in Japanese language & used a combination of cards as your fighting

tool, "I" had a hard time just getting through the stages, compare to KO'ing my
Then! My friend introduced to me the animation to this "ridiculously" hard
Watchin' the animation, it gave away clues certain agendas. Finishin' it was
a breeze.

The plot? Doesn't the title sum it all up? Let me put it in plain-simple-english,

A very bad man wants to kill all the Saiyans, nuff' said! Nah, "I" ain't that bad bub'.

Dr. Raichi is the last survivor of Tsufurus (also Baby's race in Dragon Ball GT), who once
lived on Planet Plant, before the coming of Saiyans. They, not only massacred
the entire
Tsufuru-jin, but also stole their technologies & conquered the planet renaming
it Planet
Vegeta, in honor of their king. But Raichi managed to escape with a capsule &
found refuge
on a nearby planet where he lives with the only wish to have his revenge
on Saiyans! He
locates the last remaining Saiyans on Planet Earth &
places machines that emits gas capable
of destroying life on Earth. Gokou, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, & Piccolo rush to destroy
the devices located around the planet without knowing the true agenda of their mysterious

Now! This OVA is being, revived again, in the upcoming Raging Blast 2 game. Lookin' at
the cover, these will be the confirmed playable characters. No to be a "spoiler" freak
main villain Hacchi Hyack being a playable character, it really is something to look
forward too. The development team of Raging Blast 2 has also announced that the
game will include six characters that have never appeared in a Dragon Ball video game
history! DAMMN!

Here's a comparison on '93 & '10's animation strokes. Personally, "I" personally prefer
'93 style cause
its hand drawn & has that personal touch to it.

PLUS! The 3rd Birthday Gameplay Trailer
Lookin' at the gameplay, "I" hope that Aya's return will be more then just
a 3rd person shooter.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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