Thursday, 19 August 2010

It's just one of those days!!

Its all about the he says she says bullshit!

Have you ever had 1 of those days where you felt like just doin' nothing. "I" feel that
way today & "I" am at "freaking" work! How "I" wish today was a Friday, then "I" can
look foward to relaxing daze in bed or infront of my PC screen. My designs doesnt turn
out the way "I" planned, no matter how hard "I" freaking try, it just seems SHIT to me.
So "I" just gave "the hell" up!

The whole freaking day, surfing the WWW, thank the heavens that the new chapter of
Naruto is out. It was also a blast reading about the top 50 horror movies of all time. My
mood is flushed down the toilet as "I" see Mr.Time "teasing" me with its slow-poke'ness.
Why cant it be 6:"freaking"30 now! "I" just wanna go home & sleep! DAMN!

"I" think "I" am having my colleague's period...sigh...

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