Saturday, 7 August 2010

Men's Health 2010 Event

My Sakae Sushi life has expended, bein' a mere graphic designer & slowly evolving
into a marketing person, "I" was the 1st ever graphic fellow to be invited by my
Managing Director to
a huge event. This year's Men's Health was held at Lunar Bar
& DAMMN was it exclusive!

Did "I" mention that this was my 1st freaking time to such an event? Dont
get me wrong, "I" have been to events before this, but none of them as big &
as exclusive as this. "I" felt like a "dungu", a kampung boy who stepped into
the city of sin for the 1st time.

The view was awesome! Front KLCC & back was Menara KL, the people were
dressed to kill & had "rich people"
expressions on their faces. My co-worker called
it, fake expressions.
It was just an ordinary event for her as she had a share of VIP
invites, but for me, it was like getting invited to walk the Hollywood Red Carpet, "I"
am that lame, "I" know.

But! Who in the blue hell cares! "I" was invited as a VIP member! Booya!!

It felt so glamorous that every person who walked in font of me was beautiful.
Standing as cool as ice at the bar, beside my colleague. When ever a "beautiful"
walked by, "I" would ask her, model? She looked at me with a "tsk" in her
& said, "J++++y, how can she be a model, look at her".

After a few seconds later, another beautiful tall lady passed us, with hair as slick
as silk &
her clothing as stunning as the rising sun. "I" asked my colleague, model?
She said, "No
cant be, "I" dont think so lo".

As the crowd was slowing swarming in, more stunning-dressed people walked by.

All their eyes were drawn to the "beauty" of my colleague. "I" noticed & look at
she looked at me, "I" scan'ed her from top to bottom & asked, model? She
laughed as
loud as thunder & answered with a teasing-serious face, NO!

But seriously, "I" think
that most of the people who walked by me was stunning,
unbelievable hair style & cloths, awesome looking, or... maybe "I" have not been
around to many beautiful people that
"I" am so "freaking" star struck. Yeah, yeah,
"I" am that naive...

As the blackest night approached, the host introduced the 1st performance of the night.
It was a pole dancing show! A freaking pole dancing show like in the strip-clubs of US!
With 1 of the girls that "I" thought was a model. She came out as confident as a General
Mao, with only her bra & panties. "I" salute her! Her body was stunning & the ass was tight,
really mean tight! DAMMN!

Yeah, my mobile's picture sux, so anyone willing to donate a DSLR camera
to me? ~wink~

The host, in my view had a bit of "noobie" feel to her. She kept looking at the
paper to read, swallowed some words & didn't get the crowd hyped up for the
event. None the less, she was beautiful! Model?

As more live performance came on stage, my
Managing Director offered us to have
dinner with her. Being a good worker, "I" humbly excepted her request, who dared
define such a high power request, right?

Food, good! Drinks, free-flow & praised by my boss, FREAKING AWESOME!
Why? You may ask? Cause my designs impressed the bosses in Singapore, thus,
most of my art-work were exported to Singapore's main HQ & outlets!

The young'ling above is the number 9 top beat boxer of the world. Young as
he may be, this brat can send deliver a
beat that's more awesome'mer then a
bass-speaker! He grooved a variety of up-beat songs,
he totally moved the
crowed to scream their lungs out & rise their hands to the sky. Even other VIP's

were cheering this young'ling's talent.

As all the night's performance came to a close, it was award time. Most stylish,
well groomed & Sakae Sushi's Best Sushi Chef was just some of the categories that
was awarded to the lucky winners. The Ultimate winner walked away with a RM9k
plus watch!

This event ended, leaving a stain of gratefulness in my heart. "I" feel truly
honored to be invited. My 1st ever invite to such a glamorous award-party &
it was out of this world.

As we followed my
Managing Director to her car. She asked me, "J++++y, you sure
you dont wanna stay?" "I" said "No, its ok" having that shy look on my face. She asked
me again "You sure?" & laughed. She got into her car & took off, my
colleague, with
her teasing look, she asked me "Wanna go up for drink?" Guessed what "I" said?

The next thing "I" knew, we were upstairs, sitting at the bar. Talking about my "dark-
girls-in-my-life-cloud". She sure has a mysterious way of getting me to tell her stuff.
Sort of like my "shrink", but free! In exchange, she told me about stuff in her personal
life. A bonding session between
colleagues? Hmmm....

Enjoying my beer, "I" noticed that the participles were trowing 1 another into the pool.
It was a fun sight. They lived their night to the max & "I" am sure that coming together
in such an event, they buildup a closer relationship with 1 another, more then just mere
contestants, but brothers.

Thanks again for the invite Men's Health! So says "I" the writer!

PLUS! Dragon Ball wanna-be's

Little postman look-alike...

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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There is always a big difference between anime and reality(cosplay)...