Sunday, 22 August 2010

A day with my 4 wifes

Its been a really, really long time since "I" spend the whole day at home. My Saturdays
was always about goin' out of me crib. Its a rare sight for me to stay put, but this week
was different. No plans! No "extra" work! Nobody at home! "I" had the whole house to
myself. What better way for me to spend it, then with my lovelies, darling wifes.

Like any other "working" homosapien, my day began at 7.30am (sleeping is a waste of
time!). Went out to take a wiz in the ol' potty & went straight to my 1st wife, my PS3.
"I" haven't played with her for almost a week & how "I" miss touching her. Workin' life
has kept me soo occupied that, when "I" reach home, "I" just wanna eat me dinner,
while watchin' a movie & straight to bed. So hardly time for any other stuff, maybe
a late night "mamak'king" with me pals, my darling PS3 hardly gets touch on weekdays.

Just look at her. Isn't she a beauty! The game which "I" am currently stuck
with, Final "freaking" Fantasy 13. Leveling up, collecting gil is the main course
of the game now.
Anyhow, "I" been wanting this treatment for a long, long time.
7.30am-12pm, in front
of the TV, now that's what "I" call, hours well spent!

Next on the agenda, mopping the house, yes! Dear readers, "I" the writer does
mopping every Saturday. As my mum is away, toilet cleaning, cloths washing &
folding was in my rooster.

So, "I" thought, if "I" am doin' all this cleaning, why not clean me 2nd wife. Yeap!
You guessed it, my 2nd refers to me "sweet" figures. Rearranging their positions,
wiping some with cotton buds & simply admiring them as they took my breath away.

Been a figure collector for as long as my teenage years, had my ups & downs with
me figures. Some had to be thrown away due to "outrageous" religious believes &
some were lost in the transaction moving homes. Why do "I" love figures? Cause it
keeps me motivated, it keeps my mind & soul burning, to create a character or story
that would be loved & adored by children of all ages.

After my house cleaning "exercise", time for a short nap. A nap that lasted for
a "freaking" 1 hour long! DAMMIT! Why cant "I" sleep longer! Felt so tired &
yet so fresh. Didn't want to get out of bed but was freaking bored in bed.

My 3rd wife is best suited for this situation. Having not read my pile of Spider-Man
comics, it was the best time to do so. My "bed-time" with Amazing Spider-Man,
Ultimate Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man & Peter Parker, kept me in bed for at least
2 hours before "I" acquired the strength to get out of bed. The life of puny Parker
never ceases to amaze me.

Nearing dinner time, lazy to make a proper meal, "I" just had fried egg & bread.
When "I" am on a biting streak, "I" had to have something to watch, its a childhood
habit. Compiling a "shit-load" of Anime without watching em, this was the best time
to view em'.

My 4th wife, Anime, watched the entire season of Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Surprisingly, a fun unique show with a simple concept, "weirdos living under a bridge".

1am, the "sandman" is calling me to bed. Glad that the day spent with my wifes
was fun while it lasted. A whole day indoors sure makes a lot of difference, "I" felt
relaxed & calm. Hope every weekend was as relaxing as this.

PLUS! Ultraman's anatomy
Kaiju presents the "insides" of this galactic Japanese Super Hero

BONUS! Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Characters
Cant freaking wait for this game!
Deadpool looks like the baddest of them all,
he can use the "freaking heath bar" as a finisher!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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