Monday, 28 September 2009


Ever had 1 of those days where your just freakin' blur the whole day? "I" the writer is
having 1 of those days right now. Waking up in a daze, walking to my CUT'ed off net,
opened Mozilla just to fine it empty. Getting kinda cheezed off with Telekom, thinkin'
why must they cut off the net, "I" just want to change my house number! DAMMIT!
"They" the Telekom peeps informed that it would that a freakin' darn week for it to
get restored, DAMN! "I" had prepared for the worst & told myself, 1 week will turn to
2 weeks...hopefully it wont be 3!

Even with a bath, my face was still blur, DAMN! Is it cause "I" the writer couldn't sleep?
Maybe cause of that "I" was tossing & turning till 3am & automatically waking up at 7.30am
even though "I" had to leave my house at 9.30am...Maybe that's the reason why "I" the
freaking writer is as blur as a person on weed.

Driving was breeze as if "I" reached my workplace in 5mins when it really takes me 30mins to
arrive, it felt as if "I" was sleeping with my eyes wide open. My songs didn't wake me up as
it usually did, maybe cause of the 3m thing?

Now "I" the writer is alone in this spot of my office as the Datin is not here. Updating the
company website, "I" the writer is doing it as slow as a turtle, so DAMN blur.

Chatting to my newly appointed fashion stylist on MSN, "I" just sit & type whatever comes
to mind...She is excited about the make-over that she is going to give to me, its like
"I" the writer is her Barbie. Woman & they really mix? Hmmm...

Waiting for the clock to turn 5.30 is such a hassle, "I" just want to go to bed...Hopefully will
have a fresher start tomorrow morning for its a BRAND NEW DAY. Common 5.30!





..................nuff said?

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