Sunday, 27 September 2009

User Friendly Urinal for Females

In the picture above, somewhere in a near future, this could happen in your
school or office. Talk about unisex huh, or maybe it wont happen...Who knows.
This topic 1 of those weird articles that "I" found on the all so informative World
Wide Wed. Entitled:

Standing tall! Gadgets that allow women to pee like men
There seem to be a variety of devices that now exist! To help women urinate while
standing up as men do, or to assist should they not want to sit on "unhygienic" toilets.
Here are some of the top brands to choose from. "I" the writer wonders if this kinda thing
will reach our "U" country of Malaysia?


Whiz Freedom






Urifemme Female Urination Funnel

So don't be surprise if you see a female beside you do this! Or "I" the freakin' writer
guess that this! Wont even reach the beaches of Malaysia...

PLUS! 33% of Japanese Men Now Urinate Sitting Down
"I" the writer thinks that the world has gone topsy-turby! While woman are
to pee, the men in Japan are tired of standing & want to try sitting DAMN!

This was a survey by a top Japanese toilet manufacturer (toilet manufacturing company
taking a survey? DAMN!) found that the number of men who urinate sitting down has
increased by 10 freaking percent!
in the last 5 years, to 33.4%. 10% apparently

admitted they did so because their wives! or mothers! told them so plus! other reasons...

Reasons given were as follows:

1. To stop urine splashing around (69.5%)

2. It is more comfortable (45.5%)

3. It is easier to clean up (43.1%)

4. Was told to by family or similar (10.8%)

"I" the writer thinks, that only on Earth we get this kinda entertainment...

quote of the day!
Women. If it weren't for them, there'd be no civilization.
-Kuffs- George Kuffs


kenwooi said...

lol.. that is weird..
dont see it coming.. =P

faizalmukhtar said...

dud... what the *&%$??!!

"I" the writer said...

dudes, doesn't weird stuff make your skin tingle! its the best! so says "I" the writer

mie h-mon said...

in real life the boys would look at the girls and the girls would look at the boys so it would be weird