Thursday, 24 September 2009

Overcoming temptation is hard!

DAMMIT! "I" the freaking writer was swallowed by my own temptation! Goin' without
toys (my drugs) for the whole 2 months was really refreshing, but then "the cute FIGMA"
girl caught up with me. This is my story.

All was going well this month of September, "I" though that saving was not going to be a
big issue. My life went on with eating bread in the office & Twisties for dinner, all was going
great plus! "I" the freakin' writer lost weight! Hoo "freaking" yeah! But my past caught
up with me. A call from
"Figure Mall", "I" was told to pick up the stuff that "I" have reserved
months ago. DAMN! Non the less, Figure Mall was a great place to get figures & the owner
is freaking nice! If your looking for a great online toy shop, "I" the writer "STRONGLY"
recommends Figure Mall. He kept my figure for 3 whole months without whining & complaining
like most shops do. Good on ya' mate!

All my stuff came up to RM650, DAMN! but was happy that "I" could see new cute chicks
on my cupboard YEAH! After that, NO TOYS! But it happen freaking happen again! This
time the temptation was on Dragon Ball, at Cineleasure's toy shop. That toy shop didn't bring
it those stuff, but why now!? Once "I" saw those figures, there my money went bye bye
again, RM150 gone! Money well spent? Ehhh....Still thinking about it.

My latest downside was yesterday, went to Mid Valley just to get Final Destination 4 3
freakin' D tickets for me & me buds. A simple task, but my "child-like" mind took over &
my body automatically went to XL-Shop, "I" the writer has not gone there for 5 months
now. Being in that show bring back memories where, "I" use to get toys for my co-workers...
those were the days...ahhhh...Well as "I" walked about, "I" the writer tried my luck asking
the "counter" guy for a sold out toy. He replied yes it was sold out BUT! He went to the
back room & there it was, SIC KIVA! F+ck! "I" thought it was sold out. DAMN! Now "I"
had to get it, SHi+! There goes RM198...

Look at how fine as a glass of wine this figure is, DAMN! Well "I" hope that temptation
doesnot over-throne me next month, as "I" will be moving out from MAMA's house plus
planing to go on a Langkawi trip with me bub's. Cute figure girls! Dont overtake my mind
with your cuteness...PLEASE! "I" the writer begs you!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

The Japanese DVD version comes with a "Limited Edition" Nemesis Prime.

May the FORCE eat with you.


DAMN! Oh DAMN! He's fully loaded!

Flash Crisis?

If "I" was shi+ing money, 2 of this would be in my freakin' room!

quote of the day!
You failed Michael. Want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But, what about you?
Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die Michael?

-Halloween: Resurrection- Laurie Strode


kenwooi said...

you're always promoting figures..
cool =)

"I" the writer said...

YUP, figures are the stuff that gives me inspiration each day dude..Figures! for life!