Sunday, 20 September 2009

Contra Duck Hunt

Before PS2, X-Box or even PSP there was "micro genius!" That was the console that
introduced me, "I" the freakin' writer to the world of gaming. Even thought the characters
spoke without voices, "you" the player would improve your reading skills with a bunch of
text popping out on the screen. It was better then bein' forced to read "picture-less" books.

The most memorial game on the Micro-Genius was Contra! The "30 lives" cheat would save
your day! & the most annoying game was Duck Hunt! Sh+t! Aiming at those freaking ducks
is like trying to get a date with a celebrity DAMN! These 2 game collide, to bring you the
Ultimate Duck Killing experience. DIE DUCKS! DIE!

1 comment:

chris@dotagaki said...

lol roasted ducks. Dropping by from innit, nanged ya.