Friday, 11 September 2009

Is the "Male" species that bad?

As "I" the freakin' writer walked into the office today, "He ar! I tell you! He never
consider what Im doing! Forced me to make a cup of coffee even though he is just near
the bloody kitchen. Men are so useless!" said the Datin. Yes! "I" the writer works with
a Datin & other middle aged ladies, being the only male in the group, "I" the writer
had to put up with endless bombardment on the male species every day. DAMN!

Maybe these are how "desperate housewives" behave around 1 another, bitc+ing &
complaining about their husbands. "I" the writer just does my work with 1 headphone
on a ear. Hearing them going on & on, even with men in general. "I" the writer wonders
if "I" the writer will be as good of a guy to a girl some day, plus! scared to even get in
a relationship after hearing how awful men can treat their wife's from these experienced
wife's so to speak.

These wife's even warned me that, if "I" get married, "I" should treat my wife or GF good
or else, these fellowship of the wife's will toss me in the pit of fire! Believe it!

But! this does not only apply to wife's, "I" the writer has heard "how useless men are"
from my girl' friends. Hearing the endless complains about how their BF treats them &
doesn't care about their feelings made me kinda sad for them. DAMN! AM "I" a freakin'
Telling me all your guy problems, DAMMIT! but "I" try my level best to advise them.

"I" even heard of my friend loosing her "virginity" to her BF & then he dumped her a week
after that. Can you believe it? DAMN! What an @$$! Does he even have a heart? The reason,
"I think we dont connect anymore"
DAMN! Another friend became a lesbian cause she was
tired of how "boys" treated her. WOW! Plus! She's a freakin' model! A guy to cause that
much damage is un'freaking believable!

"I" always tell "them" my complaining girl' friends that not all men are Devils in disguise,
some are as gentle & nice as a puppy...well that goes for fan-boys & nerds & geeks
of course~~~wink! Some girls can be devils too right? Not all humans are angels...

quote of the day!
He's a writer, not a madman.
-Quills- Madeleine


Julya said...

hahahhahha Jerm you're so freaking 'girlfriend' to girls.

Yes, there are some wonderful guys out there but they are very few.

One of the things girls must remember is that most of these guys who are assholes are most likely spoilt when they were kids especially by their mothers. And girls by their fathers.

These days there are more and more mommy's boy and daddy's girls. Now how do you expect anyone to come to a compromise?

iyouwe said...

haha, u r lucky enough, cuz i am a good guy! nanged u! nang this if u want to can't stop laughing! nang me!

"I" the writer said...

Ms.Ju: Ya "they" the girls look at me as if im wearin' a skirt, but "I" am happy to advise & help in any way "I" can...I am 1 of those wonderful guys your talkin' about right ahahahah

iyouwe: Nang'ed ya! so says "I" the freakin' writer