Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Puasa Time Mis-Adventures 2

That b+++h must be 1 of the nastiest bitc+ around! DAMN! This is part 2 of my curse
being a hybrid during this Puasa month.

As a Eurasian, "I" the writer tend to get different guess about my race. My skin-tone is
like a Malay but speaks almost like a Indian & listens to Japanese music, DAMN! "you" the
reader may think. When "I" the writer goes for an interview. The almighty interviewer reads
my name, looks at me & ask, are you from Malaysia? or are your a Sabah'an or my favorite
when "I" the writer ask them to guess..."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!" This is just 1 of this
exciting stuff that happens in my all so boring life-line.

This story happened during lunch as "I" the writer usually visits "Cold Storage" for some
cheap-fast food. At the counter was an unusual entity standing before me. It must be a
new worker or so, "I" the writer still liked my usual cashier though. This DOB (daughter of
a bitc*)
gave me the nastiest look ever, it was like she was trying to shi* but the shi*
cant come out from her @$$. As "I" the writer payed for my food, she asked "ada 20 cent?"
"I" the writer said no, she the replied "apa la!" F++K! She tossed my food like trowing candy
to an orphan. SHI+!
Trying to as calm as "I" the writer usually am "I" the writer just took my
food & walked off plus saying "Thank You".

DAMMIT! If the +itch only knew...but lucky THIS cheered me up.

quote of the day!
Money is like manure, it's worthless unless you spread it around.
-Bull- Corey Granville


Julya said...

You the writer should have given her a piece of your mind by asking why did you throw the food down? And wait for an answer or refuse the food because she threw it down!

Damn F**king B***h

"I" the writer said...

Let it be...let it be...she will get whats coming to her, an abortion! HAHAHA!