Monday, 21 September 2009

Mod: Left 4 Teletubbies

This was bound to happen! The world's in chaos, this is what nightmares are made
of. Infested with
Teletubbies & zombies, true vision of hell on earth. Here's a MOD by
Flameknight7. Gotta kill em' all!

The conclusion to the saga.

BONUS! Halo Legends preview
This up-coming Animatize version of Halo has impressed many, but some can’t help but
notice some curious discrepancies between the anime & the game, such as the complete
absence of ranged combat in favor of lots of jumping around & punching…

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
It's never a mistake to care for someone. That's *always* a good thing!
-Radio- Linda


kenwooi said...

LOL.. shooting teletubbies is fun! =P

SJ said...

nice shots! thanks for the video.

From me to you, suejean =)

"I" the writer said...

Kenwooi & SJ: Killin' time is the best when your killing teletubbies so says "I" the writer

Anonymous said...

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