Sunday, 27 September 2009

Unlimited Spot's offline next week

Yo! Yo! Yo! The dark cloud of Hades's has began to cover my unlikely web home,
"I" the writer's net will be CUT! Freaking off as of tomorrow & "I" will hopefully be
back online the following week but! Do not fear Ulti-Fans, "I" the freaking writer will
try to update my WWW during office hours.

So keep on holding on to your Unlimited Spot's "daily read" membership as this freakin'
blog will keep on entertaining & tickle your nerdy/geek/fan-boy & girl in you!

PLUS! PlayStation 3 Slim: Final Fantasy 13 version
Worth the wait? Maybe...

BONUS! God Of War 3 "TGS 09 Japanese Trailer"
Did anybody say god!? Mercy!? That word isn't in this god's dictionary.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

DAMN! Saving is but a dream but! Have to do it!

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