Monday, 14 September 2009

Final Fantasy 13 & Bible Black Crossover

You "the reader" may know all about Final Fantasy but may ask, what in the blue hell
is Bible Black? Is it devil worship? Yes! & no, Bible Black is a beautifully drawn "Hentai"
(Japan's animated porn). Its conceded a hentai masterpiece! Believe it!

Below is the picture of the main character Kurumi Imari, the main character of the series.

Now this is Serah from "the soon to be released" Final Fantasy 13, notice an uncanny
similarity between the both? Looks like somebody has a Bible Black fetish...

Serah's school uniform itself also attracted much attention for revealing the
schoolgirl uniform-esque outfit.
This seems a slight departure from the norm for
Final Fantasy, especially considering the other characters all conspire to look like
glamor models!
The game is of course due December 17 in Japan.

A rare & unique crossover indeed...

PLUS! Final Fantasy Odin & Shiva Summons!

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-I am Sam- Lucy

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