Monday, 20 July 2009

A geek's best pick up line?

Do no adjust your screen or format your operating system, the title is as true as it
sounds BELIEVE IT!

Once upon a time, the username geek/fan-boy gunblade99 got an invitation from a
friend who wanted to celebrated his GF birthday in a "happening" club". Hearing this
news & the name of the club which he haven't heard before in his whole geeky life,
this fan-boy was thrilled with excitement that he actually picked a "cool" shirt the
night out (dressed up in other words) He spiked his hair, shaved & use cologne!
He was as ready as a chicken to be served on a KFC plate.

"Goin in da club" & seeing all those "hot chickas" made this wanna-be-cool guy walk
with style so to speak. "I" the writer asked this "player" to cut down the "coolness"
just a notch. Just imagine walking beside him but! The geek got to stand at the right
spot at the right time. 2 chicks was dancing beside him plus 1 of them was constantly
rubbing his shoulders! BELIEVE IT!

"I" the writer was enjoying a "drink or 2" with me mates, as this geek was half high plus
constantly getting his shoulder-to-shoulder rub. "I" the writer advise the fanboy to converse
with the female, guess what his reply was...YEAH! Beeeeeeep! WRONG! He said, nolah I'm
shy...She wouldn't talk to me...(giving me a sad puppy dog like look)

"I" the writer replied, Dude! you won't know unless you try. Ignoring my advise, he continued
to drink his "drink" DAMMIT! How dare a "lesser being" look away from the all so powerful
"I" the "freaking" writer! Curses!

Out of the blue, the lights came on, the music stopped & it was only 1:30am. Weird?
Your damn right its weird. The night was still young. Why? As me & my crew was puzzled
by the event & having mini discussions on what's going on. Only then the geek made his
mark on the chick, the world's best pick up line! "What's goin' on r?" After dancing/rubbing
his shoulders, the chick finally talked to him, explaining that it was a "RAID" F++K! Why now!?
"I" the writer plus my jolly gang was bumbed by that Intel.

In these last moments of time, the fan-boy got to talk to the chick that so called groped him
but as the sand glass was running, this geek lost the chick he had no courage to talk
to in the 1st place (HAHAHAHAHA! servers your right for not listening to me) She went off
saying "nice meeting you, goodbye" (awwwwww, poor geek AHHAHAHAHAHAH!)

After that the geek waved goodbye & said, "If I only had another 30mins". "I" the writer said
"Well dude, it was a good try. At least you got to talk to her, you should asked for her number".
The fan-boy answered
"If I only had another 30mins or what if she think Im weird & don't give
or what if she got a BF?"
This boy really does has a "HUGE" imagination huh.

Well as the "real" world goes, he didn't live happily ever after...

quote of the day!
You know, security's tight these days, Republican White House and all.
R.S.V.P- Terry

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