Sunday, 12 July 2009

All Rider!

So after Ultraman Mebius did 2 movies featuring other Ultraman from another time-line,
guess Kamen Rider will pick up that concept but with freaking all the Kamen Rider!
Can it be true? All the freaking Rider's gather to defeat yet another menace from their
past. It's unbelievable!

"I" the writer is not a Kamen Rider fan but will definitely check out this movie. This movie
will be out in Japan
on 8/8/09, but do not fear. I'm sure it can be downloaded early next
year or so or maybe it will be shown in Malaysia? Since Malaysia version on Kaman Rider is
"Bajak Hitam".

quote of the day!
It's a bitched up world Jack, the only way to protect ourselves is by goin' mad.
Masked & Anonymous- Uncle Sweetheart


bajak said...

Damn!!! dude Baja Hitam la bukan Bajak....

"I" the writer said...

Oh ye ke? Aku punya melayu Koyak, sori le