Monday, 27 July 2009

Logo Twins

In the world of logo design, its becoming more & more difficult to create a logo that
is unique, a logo that "really" stands out from the rest. We all have the same references
& the same
influences. We are all some how connected. "I" the writer had a difficult time
with creating a logo for a client which was "fussy" with what "it" wants.

"I" the writer spent 1 day creating 15 different logo designs, cracking my innocent mind for
ideas plus looking at references proposed by the client. At the end of the day, my design
was successful with at least 4 changes made to suit "it's" needs.

After all that, "I" the writer was told that my logo looked a lot like ________. DAMN!
After all that time splitting my head open, "I" the writer subconsciously copied another
designer's logo!
F++K the world!!

My friend told me not to be as angry as the HULK & showed me a website that, many
others do the same so called "mistake".

But....DAMMIT! "I" the writer should have copied that logo in the 1st place! DAMN!

Here are a few similar logos, its like almost looking into a mirror! Amazing!

Ubuntu & Human Rights First

Star Sports &

Sun Microsystems & Columbia Sportswear

searchmash & smashLAB

LA Lakers & LA Clippers

Sinar Mas & Airbus

Harbork & Fitucci

BigFix & Priority Parking

National Film Board (recently updated) & Virtual Global Taskforce

pseudoroom design & Cyberathlete Professional League

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