Thursday, 9 July 2009

Schoolgirl Forced to Breastfeed Classmates

Yet another mind-less bizarre, Ripley's believe it or not story from the land where
everything is made there.

The girl was in the third year of a Shanghai area middle school. After having unprotected
sex with her boyfriend, she became pregnant, though only noticed this five months into
her pregnancy. She resolved to keep the child & delivered a baby boy.

She split up with her boyfriend and returned to school after giving birth, her schoolmates
were none the wiser as to her motherhood.

However, another pupil at the school apparently noticed her clothes were damp from the milk
she was expressing.
Seeing both an opportunity for free food & a commercial venture in the
making, he threatened to expose her pregnancy unless she breastfed him. Soon he gathered
3 friends & ordered her to feed them too.

His plan developed, and soon he was taking money from other students in return for letting
them take advantage of his human dairy.
With the scheme getting out of hand, it soon came
to the attention of the school, who moved to put a stop to it, vowing severe punishment for
the boy responsible, though it seems he will not face criminal charges.

Via Heaven.

"I" the writer doesn't know who to blame? The mum for not protecting her dignity or the boy
for wanting to make some money? Is kids getting smarter or dumber by the day?

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Boris said...

wow the picture was hot!

anyway, she could've told everybody that she is a mother.