Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #600

Marvel greatest super hero of all time celebrates his 600th issue with a BANG!
This issue has it all, "you" the reader will get to witness the return of Doctor
Octopus, Daredevil, a wedding you never predicted, plus the return of one of
the most important people in Peter Parker's life in a giant-sized lead story by
Dan Slott & John Romita Jr.

To top it all of, witness the return of one of Spider-man's creators, Smilin'
Stan Lee (along with Masticatin' Marcos Martin) as he presents a story of
unbridled passion, drama & angst as Spidey reflects over his many, many,
many years of adventures.

Here are the covers! Mark my words "Comic Book guy" & mark them well,
"I" the writer wants the Quesada, Ross & Romita Sr covers.

Variant Cover (Ross)

Variant Cover (Quesada)

Standard Cover (Romita Jr)

Variant Cover (Romita Sr) Classic!

Pete's Invitation card


Jemsen said...

Wow, 600th Issue, Yeah!
I am favourrite fan of Spider Man.
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iriene said...

Oooh, Spidey Cover...
Do drop by when u r online,tks!