Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Planet Hulk Animated Feature Trailer

Here is the trailer that debuted at the 2009 Comic-Con for Lionsgates next Marvel
animated movie, Planet Hulk. Look for it to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in
February '10. If Marvel animation can do this, then "I" the writer wish they would
do "Civil War" then "The Death of Captain America". That would be a blast!
After planet Hulk, then comes World War Hulk? Whoaaaaa...For now BEHOLD!
The rage of a warrior!
But where is the Silver Surfer?

quote of the day!
Remember what the general said; we're the cavalry. It would be bad form to arrive
in advance of schedule. In the nick of time would do nicely.

-A Bridge Too Far- Lt. Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur

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