Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Iron Patriot's List

Over the past 2 years or so, Marvel's "summer events" got comic book geeks asking,
"where are the villains?" The Marvel universe has its heroes fight against 1 another,
for the prize of the ultimate Justice. Now! This is year of villains!
A secret cabal of
super-villains, lead by the maniacal "Saviour of the day" Norman Osbourn have taken
control of law enforcement for the planet. Forming his own brand of Avengers to fight
for the "good"
of all man-kind so to speak.

Mr.Norman Osborn has a hit list. In the Iron Patriot Acts, consisting of 8 1 shots,
Norman goes after those he really, really wants dead. The viruses in his perfect world.

the Kill-List

1st on the list - the Avengers. Ronin will be featured. Clint plays a huge role.

The X-Men are next on the list & Namor plays a large role. The X-Men sure have
their jobs maxim'ed this year with all the stuff having around them.

3rd on the list - Daredevil. This follows from the huge twist coming up in Daredevil 500.
Norman sends Bullseye, as Bullseye, after Daredevil.

Wolverine is 4th on the List. Norman has discovered the lab that creates the Super-Sentinels
& he decides he wants some. Phantom X is naturally involved plus there will be zombies!

Hulk follows. The teaser picture shows Skaar.

Next on the list is Punisher. Norman is miffed that Punisher tried to kill him, so he sends
Wolerinve's son after him.
Is the Punisher that much of a threat?

Of course Norman can't let Nick Fury slip out of his hands, continue running around,
so he goes after Fury & his team, The Secret Warriors.

Finally, Norman goes after Spider-Man. This battle was of course inevitable.
long simmering rage against Norman for killing Gwen Stacey is going to come to a boil soon.

Norman may be Green Goblin when he Vs. Spidey. Of all Norman's triggers, Spider-Man is
the most provocative.

The sad news is the Dark Reign saga will be wrapping up in December of 2009. Will the
Marvel Universe ever be the same?
(Is it ever the same?)

- coming to a store near you!

Cobra Throne!

Who you gonna call?

Marvel Legends are back with the Amazing Bag Man! Yeah!

Spider-Man & his Amazing Suits

Jack Mouse?

Holy Captain Kirk's nipples! Its gorgeous!

Rodimus Minor!? WHAT THE F++K?

S++T! Now "I" the writer have to wait for this to complete my Autobots set...


The face of the 1st "Pretender"

Now this is a re-paint worth getting

Ratchet, did you loose some weight?

Dark Avengers Assemble!

Me, Grimlock King!

DAMMIT! (!*&!^@&*%@^*@%^@$!*)!_)!^%$!!!!!! Looks better F++KING marketing people (!*^&#*%#&*%*#@&*!&!!

Secret Wars set

Behold! Iron Man 2 Figures!

A sneak look at leader class Strascream

quote of the day!
Our survival hinges on one thing - finding someone who not only can fly this plane,
but didn't have fish for dinner.

-Zero Hour!-
Dr. Baird

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