Saturday, 1 May 2010

What happen to the good Anime!?

Remember the good ol' days of Anime? It was all about good vs evil, about
striving to be the best!, pure love, & laughter just for the heck of it. "I" do
think that, in the 90's, it was the Golden age of Anime. The strokes had style,
the animation had life & the story had its own being.

Anime is a replacement for all those toons back in the 90's. In this new Millennium,
Anime is being spread like a plague through the known world. Almost every parent
& child indulged by the stroke style & their unique look on life's very essences. For
example, in Slam Dunk, a simple story about a boy introduced to the universe of
basket ball & he strives to beat his rival team mate & a hunger to be the DAMN!
Best among other teams. There is no super powered humans, no monster destroying
the court or villain to fight. This simple story about basket ball has much inspired many
movies & other Anime sports. A simple story that will make you cheer for characters as
if they were in a live basket ball game. A simple story that has the power to even make
you shed tear or 2.

The Golden Age of Anime had a crude way of staying in our memories till this very
day, even after a decade of its end, some are re-invented, some made into a live-
action movie or some of their characters idolized by many. My only complain about
these series are, they ended it! This is the only problem with these Japanese cartoons
& comics. Unlike the Americans, they prolong their beloved characters. Trapping them
through time with ageless characters, also putting through them in a hell of trouble,
an endless cycle of death that never seem to be death & a responsibility of protecting
their sense of being heroic.

As Anime is being evolve, so has its viewers. "I" don't know about you "Anime Freaks"
but don't you think that the Anime now! Is all about the "kawaii" chicks? The flying
skirts? & the high school brats!? The market is being flooded by their "kind", a population
that is being influenced & zombie'taized by the effects of these Anime.

It makes you wonder, how can such Anime be aired on T.V!? Well Japan being
Japan, they can! Despite the warnings & harassment from the public. The power
of "Otaku" seems to be even greater! Who knows, the "top" player who controls
these broadcast is a "kawaii-loli" lover?

Thus, kawaii is the word of the day! The world is being influenced by these Anime,
a cute & innocent girl is everything! An Anime about a guy surrounded by a flock of
cute chicks is a dream, but some are living this dream! A person so possessed by
an Anime character that they are willing to give up their reality just to be with these
2D girls.

Where is all the art of storytelling? The cool looking strokes? Have they all vanished
into thin air? Has the world gone "gaga" over cute bunny wearing chicks. But! Only
once in a blue moon, a fantastic series will fall on our lap. An Anime so good that it
has the potential to produce countless merchandise.

In conclusion, "I" too was once pulled into a world of cute anime chicks, BUT! Am now
craving for more quality Anime like Dragon Ball, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion,
Soul Eater, Tenge Toppa Gurren Lagann just to name a few. "I" am kinda sick of panty
showing school girls! Give me action people! Action!

Just my 2cents....

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