Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Falling for 2D Girls “Worse Than Cheating with Real Women”

In the latest relationship news, the Japanese chick has forbid their lovers to
have any connection or even fall head over heals with an Anime/2D girl. This
is considered the biggest "taboo" in their ever-lasting relationship. These girls
would rather date a guy having an affair with a "real" chick or even "doing it"
with a prostitute.

Some of these girls were interviewed:.

"If my boyfriend fell for a 2D girl it would be absolutely gross."

"If he went with 2D I’d really feel there’s a problem with me, as a real woman."

"I’d be totally shocked. I think I’d think the problem was with me and I was
lacking something. It’s just like a man with a girlfriend pursuing a fake romance
with a hostess or going with a prostitute, isn’t it?"

"If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t
compete against a 2D character."

DAMMN! How the world of Anime has its side effects, even on a person's relationship.
Looks like these girls have a new rival & the rival aint no sexy AV star or gorgeous
actress but! A "freaking" kawaii 2D character of fiction.

Well, when will Malaysia reach this level? Other guys will be jumping with joy if this
new relationship rule reaches here. Just imagine, a guy having an affair with a "real"
chick or even "doing it" with a prostitute would be off the hook! How freaking awesome
is that....but then again, Malaysian relationships are mostly made out of 2 timers or even
5 timers, so says "I" the writer!

PLUS! Dragon Ball Kai second ending
cant get this song outta my head! DAMN! Can't wait for the full version.

Guess who sang this!? AKB48, & there "I" thought Morning Musume was a lot of girls
but this group really makes my nose bleed yesterday's coffee!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


Kelvin said...

If a guy fall in love with a cartoon, tat means the real life gf sux big time.

"I" the writer said...

HAHAHA! Maybe you got a point dude