Saturday, 8 May 2010

Girls who don't like Girls

Ever heard a chick make a statement like, "I don't like hanggin' out with girls,
they are so boring" or "when I go out, its normally with guys & I am the only
girl in the group, hehe". Yeah, it seems that now-a-days, girls would rather
chill out with a flock of guys then their "own kind".
Why!? Simply because
most of them say, guys are honest & more sporting.

Yeah! It's the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. This week,
"I" the writer was bombarded with, how girls actually suck! From the mouth
of another girl of course. My co-worker just kept goin' on & on, she was bitching
about how girls can smile in-front of you but plant poison in your food when your
not looking. "Well it cant be that bad right, I think your over exaggerating" "I" said.
"No! I was in a girl's school, I know better." She said.

Has a girl-friend relationship gone this bad? "I" thought they would have a lovely time
together. Shopping, combing each other's hair & having sleep overs, but then again
maybe my brain is still too naive & that only happened way back in the 50's.

Now "I" know the secret to why it's no surprise to see a bunch of guys hanging out
with a soul surviving girl now-a-days. My co-worker continues to rat out girls, "They
all just go shopping for a long time but buy like nothing, how can? Wasting my time
only! Just choose la & buy. No need to go from shop to shop, these kinda girls r!
. "Relax la, then why you want to follow them?" "I" getting annoyed by
her bitching. "Just cause they are my friends la that's why, I don't wanna get stabbed
in the back, that's why I follow them & act nice la"
she said. WOW! Girls have to wear
mask in order to be friend with other girls? Now that's whack! Are females that scary?

Another friend continues, she says some girls even flirt with their boyfriend. "She is
such a slut, go find your own la!" saying this as she smashes the roti canai. "Why
want to show off to my boyfriend with your push-up bra!? Is this what you call a
as she continues to abuse the roti canai. "Cool, cool" "I" said, "Don't
hurt the roti canai,
it didn't do anything", trying to ease the tension with a lame joke.

DAMMN! How "I" miss-read the girls of today. Not only are the male population having
trouble with them but also their own species? DAMMN! Are females that complicated?
Could a female be that "freaking" dangerous?

Not that "I" am gay or anything but a sight of a pretty gal makes me sick! Due to the
experiences "I" the writer has encountered, in my brain, "I" think these pretty looking

chicks are all as evil as Doc Doom & as sly as Lex Lutor. This ain't my 1st confession
on how girls suck from another girl but, there are a row of me gal pals who admitted
their some what sick of their own kind & would rather hang out with guys.

So hang in there ladies....Gambatte ;)

PLUS! Top 10 Worst Things to Find in Your Boyfriend’s Room
Here's what the chicks of Japan were asked, what would they feel most
"freaking" dejected about finding in their beloved's room or residence reveal
they consider the presence of anime posters rather more troubling than
cockroach infestation…DAMMN!

1| His toilet’s dirty
2| His last girlfriend’s things are still around
3| There’s rotting garbage about
4| The bathroom’s dirty
5| The bathroom’s mouldy
6| He has products intended for women around the place
7| The kitchen’s dirty
8| He’s not put out his garbage
9| He has anime posters
10| A cockroach came out

Look's like Anime has become like a cancer to all girlfriends & wifes in Japan huh.

BONUS! Street Fighter: Legacy - Short Fan Film
Hey Hollywood! Here's an idea, why don't you give your freakishly big bag of
money to
these talented punks, so they can make a "truly awesome" Street Fighter
Its a stoke of genius, right?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


SonnyKazu said...

WHOA! A lot of figures man! :D

"I" the writer said...

Yup, A preview of figures to come

Kelvin said...

The main reason why girls love to hang out with a bunch of guys is that they want the guys to serve them lol

Ghosty Nana said...

It is true that girl with girl friendship is very complicated. Can't fully trust any lady friend, even she is your best friend. JEALOUSY is the main source of all evil plot.

"I" the writer said...

@ Kel:. Maybe, or maybe not...

@ GNana:. Wonder why gals are like this....sigh..

Ghosty Nana said...

jealousy and kiasu lor

"I" the writer said...

Jealousy can undersatnd but kiasu? Now thats new ;)

Ghosty Nana said...

kiasu = scare to lose. scare to lose to another girl.

"I" the writer said...

Well "I" think most people are like that, right? ;)