Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thor in the flesh!

That's right fan boys & girls, here is a "freaking" official image of the God of Thunder, Thor!

Chris Hemsworth looks like he could damn well fill the shoes of Thor! This 26-year-old
Australian dazzled us as Captain James T. Kirk's father in last year's Star Trek, & now
he has cashed in on yet another nerd's fantasy.

To the looks of it, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada's costume did not make
the cut in the final design but! This costume was designed by Oscar winner Alexandra Byrne.
From the looks of it, "The Heroic Age" as caught his eye. This latest costume was inspired by
the version of the character from the comic books drawn by French artist Olivier Coipel.

Make sure your well equipped for this GOD to decent upon the Earth. Thor will be directed
by Kenneth Branagh & will also include big budget stars, Anthony Hopkins & Natalie
Portman. Thunder Strikes with a BANG! May 6, '11.

Where there is light, there must also be darkness.

Introducing the Destroyer. Forged by Odin himself, this weapon is used by Thor's
arch-foe Loki on several occasions, & each time has actually come close to killing Thor.


The Wan And Only said...

can't wait for the movie! :)

nice blog btw...

"I" the writer said...

Same here bub' ;)

Thanks dude!