Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fruit Frankenstein

Yes! Its eatable! Its freaking eatable! nintendochick109 presents the 1st of its kind.

PLUS! Why Ms.Fox got the boot!
It would seem that the main freaking reason Mr.Bay gave Megan Fox
the "pink slip" is...don't get too shock, Michael Bay does not like

During an interview way back in '08:.
"I'd lost a lot of weight and I got really scrawny," "but I was told I had
to put on a size for Transformers because [Mr. Bay] doesn't like skinny girls."
Mr. Bay criticized Ms. Fox for being too skinny. She was so furious that she
"stormed the f++k out" after a confrontation with the director, DAMMN! It is
also reported that the rest of the crew also feels she's getting too skinny...

Maybe the "white folks" like a little flesh on their girls, why? Cause it can be
used as shade in the Summer & to warm them up during Winter ;)

BONUS! My addiction of the month!
The lion & bat cross over.

Size does matter bub', 6'inch figures!

WTF happened in 1979 dude!?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Holy Trinity of Avengers

Black dying version of MP4

PlayArts's Bleach!

quote of the day!
I sleep with a dagger. If you ever move as to touch me, I will sever your manhood.
-Marion Loxley- Robin Hood


Kelvin said...

Agree with bay, girls need some meat XD

"I" the writer said...

;) hahahaha! Your down with meat chick huh

Kristin said...
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