Monday, 3 May 2010

Naked Snake dates young girls!?

Let me start by saying, Metal Gear: Peace Walker is already out in Japan
& some dude has already "cracked" it, if you catch my drift. When is the
English version out? June 8, '10! You Metal Gear freaks! Rejoice!

OK, on to the topic. If your a Metal Gear freak, you would know the games
are dead serious when it comes to politics & war. The developers do throw
in a few gags just to ease the tension but would "you" the reader ever
thought that THIS! Could be in a Metal Gear game?

No! No! "I" the writer didn't Photoshop this. This was actually in the new
Metal Gear game for the PS "freaking" P, its a freaking mission! Which
involves "Big Boss" dating a young girl, in mission EX OPS:067, but!
This sweet little thing does not start out only wearing her underwear
but! This!

& so you have completed the mission, right? Only then, you will be able to
date her in her under garments.

Wait! wait there's more! Even after the original mission, Naked Snake
gets out a box & they go in the box &...

Only the heavens know what is goin' on in there. Seriously dude! "I" didnt
Photoshop any of this.
"I" can hear you Metal Gear freaks goin' wild. For
further proof, check out the video below.

PLUS! Dragon Ball Kai's 3rd Opening.
Forward! To the age of Super Saiyan-jins!

quote of the day!
You like the freaky stuff, huh? That's cool. I can be naughty, too. Real, freaky naughty.
-White Goodman- Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


Kelvin said...

Lol, i prefer the old metal gear hahaXD

"I" the writer said...

Cant always stick to the past dude, maybe the developers are trying to look to the future filled with all cute chicks ;)