Friday, 19 February 2010

Job Dilemma! Yet again

Life oh! Life oooohhh! Life...Ahhh, facing yet another job dilemma! DAMN! My new
current job sucks! & the CEO cheated me today! She told me "I" had to work on a
Saturday! DAMN! How could she leave out such a vital info during the interview? My
salary on the other hand, "I" was getting the amount of money "I" got paid 2 years
ago, quote" We will see how you perform & only then we will increase your salary
"unquote the CEO...Just because of insufficient funds, "I" "the naive" writer took
the job BUT!

Today, "I" over heard the sectary saying "we want to hire an assistance accountant
they all want over 2K, how la like that. We go for this 1 guy la, his current salary
is RM1,800
but we pay him RM1,500 the after 6 months we will increase to RM 1,800 la"
After hearing that,
"I" got freaking shock! Just think! After the 6 month probation, they
wouldn't give me the salary "I" asked for, but! My current salary last year! What a scam!

Now! "I" am seriously considering of looking for another place of work, or! take the
invitation & fly off to Australia. Take a chance? My mum has pushed me countless of time,
my aunt & cousin has already promise to take care of me while "I" am there, my friends
say, give it a shot f++ker! Its only that man in the mirror who is holding me back, DAMN!

"I" promised myself to take a bold step this year, take a leap of faith, BUT! Still! Thinkin'
of the suffering & pain while "I" was lookin' for a job in New Zealand, "I" am
by that. Still! It was a good learning curve & had some good moments.
NOW! "I" am
seriously considering going to the country of Kangaroos, "I" should stand up! Walk!
never look back! So says "I" the writer!

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