Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hollywood’s Ghost in the Shell yells Action!… Lots of Action!

Can "we" the movie peeps really trust the U.S for making good Westernized
Japanese movies? We have seen the downfall of Dragon Ball, 1 of the worst
ever! "They" sodomized my favorite anime! But! It would seem that the
scriptwriter for Hollywood’s '11 movie violation of Ghost in the Shell has
warned us that the movie will be action packed to the MAX!

The scriptwriter, Laeta Kalogridis has stressed of what to expect from the
live action in recent comments:.

"A lot of action… lots of action. There’s still going to be a lot of atmosphere –
[The movie] is about vast possibilities – all of this technology, the Internet –
it’s about the limitless possibilities of this technology."

She fills our hopes & dreams of this live-action being 1 of the best out there,
well emphasising that the movie is based on the supposedly action-packed manga
of course.

Q:. Is that a remake of the 1995 film or is that an adaptation of the earlier manga?
LK:. "Ghost in the Shell" was originally the manga. The anime came from the original
graphic novel and then — and that anime, as you know, is a relatively famous,
groundbreaking piece of material — also generated two seasons of an animated
television show as well.

And this is an adaptation of the original manga, the original comic book that sort
of began everything.

Q:. It sounds like it’s going to be a really intelligent, visually cool sci-fi film.
Do you see
this as possibly paving the way for more live action adaptations
of anime and mangas
in Hollywood?

LK:. I can’t really speak to the trend because certainly a lot of the stateside comic
book sources and even U.K. comics that have been mined, I think there’s always
room for new source material just like people.

I also think that a lot of the themes of anime as an art form are much more adult
and darker than what people sometimes associate with the kinds of four-quadrant movies.

For me, I don’t really know the answer to that, but I do think that Bill Gibson’s vision
of an Eastern-informed West, where so much of our cultural reference points start
to come from this shared literary history, I think that that’s definitely happening.

And so, as mythos kind of evolves, and I think anime and manga are slowly becoming
a big part of our mythos, I think yes, they’re sort of a natural fit for films.

How what you say comes to past Ms. Screenwriter, this manga has spawned thousands
of fans & has influenced many creators plus! some say that this is where the idea of
"The Matrix" was formed. Nuff' said so says "I" the freakin' writer!

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quote of the day!
I guess that's the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself.

-The Stranger- The Big Lebowski


nurfaiz shaidan said...

dragon ball is the worst adaptation movie ever made
the movies run distinctly with the original book-version
so, disappointed

"I" the writer said...

Yeah! Hope U.S wont come out with a part 2...