Thursday, 25 February 2010

Argh! She grew up!

Facebook sure is a dangerous place! Yesterday "I" found out that the little girl "I"
know has become an adult through Facebook's What's on your mind insert, DAMN!

You men have no idea what we're dealing with down there. Teeth placement,
and jaw stress, and suction, and gag reflex, and all the while bobbing up and
down, moaning and trying to breathe through our noses. Easy? Honey, they
don't call it a job for nothin

"I" was shock readin' it & at the same time sad...the little girl "I" had been playin' with,
has become a woman. Was she havin' trouble doing that? or did her partner complain?
DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! & this is not the 1st time, "I" also was disappointed by hearing
the misadventures of another cute little girl who is now being called a B++ch
, Dammit!

Must little cute girls grow up!? Cant they remain innocent as always!? DAMN!
Just think how "I" will react if "I" knew my "unborn" daughter did that! My heart will be
shattered into a million pieces & "I" will sit at the corner alone...playing my PSP3.

"I" know "I" must face reality but reality is harsh & cruel...Just hope she gets that "happily
ever after" ending in life & that f++kin' guy better treat her good or "I" will! cut his freakin'
balls & feed it to the dogs! Wait for them to poop & feed it to the PIGS! So says "I" the writer!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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