Thursday, 4 February 2010

Graphic Designer "digivolve" to Marketing Executive!

My contract at AMSPA is over! & Here "I" am yet again looking for another job, DAMN!
My employment history is a freaking curse! Curse "I" tell you! Curses! "I" the writer
has worked with 3 closed down companies over the past 4 plus years & 1 contract job.
"I" am so DAMN! FREAKING! Lazy to look for a new job but "I" need the "Benjamin's"
to maintain my life of Geek'ness.

Just think, going into a new company, have to learn names of your co-workers, learn
the scope of the job, find a new cheap parking spot, new choices of food, have to start
from scratch to build the trust of the management/bosses & layout my office table
to my liking yet a "freaking" gain.

Argh! Homosapiens say that they are sick & tired of moving house, well "I" the writer
is sick & tired of moving jobs!

But! "I" have level-up tremendously, in each & every company "I" go to, "I" battle
new challengers & gain experience from both the design perspective & the world
of business. It may be hard like a game's "final boss fight" but "I" learn to endure
the pain & keep on getting up to fight no matter how many time "I" fall. That's 1
of the good points of going to different companies, your learning curve never ends &
for each challenge that you think big, the next 1 is even bigger & badder! so says
"I" the "so-called" writer.

Went for an interview near KLCC on Tuesday & it was a graphic designer job. The
place was cozy & it was as posh as an actress crib. The people were nice & the
interviewer was impress with my portfolio, but said that the way "I" presented
myself & the style of me spitting words out of the hole in my face was fairly good
& "I" had confidence! (this is like so not me) She offered me a Marketing position!
A guy who normally sits in front of the PC for hours doin' designing & now must go
meet clients & set up events. DAMN! Indeed.

In online gamers & young-farts terms, "I" was like WTF! Me! & the word
has never crossed paths before, it was as weird as Disney bought over Marvel!
She asked me to give it a try. It was a fairy new company so "I" some time to
grow & learn this new alien job. She even gave me time to think about it. SO!
Here "I" am, my last week working for AMSPA & am thinking hard about this
new career twist. Monday is my dateline, & am highly considering this new
costume that "I" must wear. Will "I" be as "so called" good marketing person
as "I" am as a graphic artist? That's what "I" am worried about! Nuff' said!


Lynn F said...

all the best in your new job!
who knows u might end up loving it? ;)

"I" the writer said...

Ya, thats what "I" am considering ;)
Thanks, (lifts up my cup of coffee)
Cheers back at ya'