Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Movies of the Future!

It's back! Many has been screaming for it, the U.S craved for it so much that
they voted for a black president, ice has melted for the heat of wanting it back,
school girls are losing their virginity just wanting more of it & Malaysia's high
budget cause it to be back! Yes Ulti-Fans, the post that you have been waiting
for is back! Behold! movies of the future! This package comes with the stratification
of having both trailers & pictures of up coming movies from both the North & South.
my loyal readers.

Blood: The last Vampire
Look how good it looks. "I" the writer still thinks that the Japanese
should have made Dragon Ball. It would have been way better. Common
Japan! Re-make the anime that made the anime genre go abroad!

This trailer shows more of what this boy is made of!
& it's not pure steel

Plus...Joe Asakura's poster was spotted on display at the recent
'09 Tokyo International Anime Fair. Gonna be done by the all so
lovely Imagi studios, keep up the good work guys!

Japan just makes the best Anime-wannabe movies ever!
To top it all up, Ryoko is in it. Yeah!

quote of the day!
Hold on, Sugar! Daddy's got a sweet tooth tonight!
-The Mask- Mask

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