Monday, 23 March 2009

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance

What game to play? With DS games storming the market, The PSP may be a bit
obs-elite bit wait...This game will make time fly as fast a woman giving birth!
That's if you an RPG fan like me. "I" the writer played this game without even
knowing that time "transwarped" so quickly. Combos, item fuses & a cheap a$$
storyline made my day & 1 of my "best" game of all time. Pick it up! or
download it!

Transformers 2 Update!
Arcee's partner in crime.

Jetfire relieved! This grampa-bot fuses with Prime! Damn!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
I'd much rather see you on my side, than scattered into... atoms.
-Flash Gordon- The Emperor Ming

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