Friday, 6 March 2009

Ani tattoo Mania!

Talk about being a devoted fan! Who wants a tattoo of "I love my mum"
or your lovers name on your arm, these peeps put their obsession on the
place where no 1 can take it out of them. Now that's what "I" the writer
call devotion on the your thing you love!

Unlike their Japanese counterparts, non-Japanese otaku seem ready to
embrace the prospect of indelibly emblazoning the likeness of their favorite
character onto their skin in an "ita-tattoo", in much the same way as a
monk might embrace his vow to celibacy, and with much the same effect.

Embrace the otaku-ness in you!


"I" the writer guess that this guy's god is Mr.Mario...


Seems like even the gothic lovers love saliormoon huh

Pixels forever?

How "I" the writer wish that "I" the writer could get a tattoo like that...

Simple....yet effective...

quote of the day!
Men are worthless. Feelings of love are just a temporary lapse in judgment. Like
a kind of mental illness. Even I get in the mood for that stuff every now and then.
I am a healthy young girl, after all. My body has its urges. But you know, I’m not
stupid enough to let a moment’s slip-up leave me saddled with a huge burden.

-The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi- Suzumiya Haruhi

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Great blog! Some awesome anime tattoo pics, you should check out mine, on my bloggie. :o)