Friday, 6 March 2009

Megatron is back!

Yes! It's true, confirmed by the Bay man himself. Megatron will be on in
"Revenge of the Fallen" but the down side is that, he will be in a long lost
past story. Which is a history event. Mr.Bay also said that Megatron will
is an alien jet not a tank like the toys. Sadly The big bad leader of the
Deceptions won't have much screen time. Hopfully in the part 3 he will
return as Galvatron in the fight against Unicron! Yeah!!

A new trailer realesed! plus the cast & their counter-parts.

Lynn Collins As Silver Fox

Liev Schreiber As Sabretooth

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Taylor Kitsch As Gambit

Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

Will. I. Am. As John Wraith

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


quote of the day!
For this new sensation, the rapture of destruction. For the pleasure of the Phoenix,
the unbound joy of evil.

-The Inner Circle- Dark Phoenix

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