Monday, 9 February 2009

Transformers 2 : The Fallen Revealed

Yo! Fellow Ulti-Freaks! A brand new day is about to close & "I" the writer is frustrated
with days of working on my NEW PC. After being told to format it to a XP OS instead of
Vista, my life of getting my Internet to work has been 1 hella' of a ride. Maybe this new
PC has no modem installed? Maybe the "Dell" guys forget to put it in? "I" the writer
has be just downloading drivers after drivers after drivers just to get it workin' but
nooooo! Even the D-Link CD shows an error! F++k!

Transformers 2 is just around the corner & I'm sure the trailer hyped us in to hyper-warp.
Internet survey shows it is 1 of the most download trailer of the 43rd Superbowl. Damn!
Now we have confirmed that "The Fallen" character is real. Why? Cause the figure is
coming out soon. Here's a preview.

with instructions.

The new StarScream figure is looking pretty 'rad'

A surprising new character is added, little Wheelie. Maybe it is this little thing beside Ironhide.

quote of the day!
It was as though this plan had been with him all his life, pondered through the seasons,
now in his fifteenth year crystallized with the pain of puberty.
- Donnie Darko- Karen Pommeroy

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